Monday, November 01, 2004

You can't know that about me!

Quick check in -- I am in The Pit. (Not as in Brad. I wish.) I went to bed in the wee morning, and except for me and doggy pee break, didn't get up until 8:15 pm. I'd say 17 hours in bed was in The Pit, wouldn't you?

So to get out of it, I decided to do another list -- yes, I love lists too. One of my friends read my 101 Things and there were only like 10 things she DIDN'T know and I thought, hey, that must've been me just tellin' history, not really revealing anything that no one knows. And after reading a couple of peoples 101 Lists, heck, I guess I'm just wanting to yak about myself more again.

Here goes:

1. I hate SUVs -- c'mon, how many people in LA really go off-roading in those suckers that burn up all that frickin' gas?
2. I've always hated my feet -- they're flat as all get out and look like they could climb coconut trees well. Alas, they'll NEVER look good in Manolos.
3. I did relax a little about them when a freaky lesbian chick (freaky chick, lesbian or not) told me I had beautiful feet -- because they were South Pacific feet. I kinda liked that.
4. Those aforementioned feet were the reason I never got to do dance. I'd gone to a family friend's dance recital when I was like in 2nd or 3rd grade and she did this little cowgirl number... I told my mom I wanted to dance and take ballet too and my mother said, "You have flat feet." End of story.
5. I'm a savory girl, not a sweets girl. Can pass dessert. Not the ribs.
6. I may have deflowered up to five different young men in my life when I was but a wee lass. I lost count, actually.
7. I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle and I don't care what the fuck the tube looks like.
8. I believe lite soy sauce is for wimps, although I'm getting a bit sensitive to the real stuff so I may be one of those wimps soon.
9. I'm a shitty pill taker. I have to take two everyday, and have a great 14-day streak going well.
10. I used to think I caused all the guys I knew in high school to become gay. But hey, I was in band, choir and drama -- couldn't some adult have told me it was inevitable and not my fault?!
11. I once worked the "bread station" at the college cafeteria and lost a contact toasting someone's raisin bread. Fortunately no one sued.
12. I hate fluorescent lights.
13. My favorite sushi is yellowtail, every which way.
14. My favorite sashimi is tuna -- YUM.
15. If it's got be cooked, it'll be eel.
16. I love quizzes and personality tests.
17. I'm an ENFP.
18. I once had bushy eyebrows. Plucked them in the 9th grade and they never grew back, which was SUCH a bummer when I was trying to do the Brooke Shields thing.
19. I once thought I could be Jewish for man I was mad for.
20. I then realized that there was no way I could believe that Jesus wasn't Him. So there went that idea... but the fella left before that.
21. I am terrified of getting married.
22. I am terrified of not having a husband and family.
23. #21 and #22 really screws with me a lot.
24. I am still registered at and still get matched up with great guys around the country who request communication. :) But I won't pay the money to get started again, not even at the 3-months-for-1 price. YET.
25. I hate those little subscribe cards and inserts in magazines and rip them out as soon as read one. Doesn't even have to be my magazine -- beware!
26. I also have a bad habit of curling pages in whatever I'm reading... it's hard not to do so I do my best not to borrow books.
27. I am finally going to let myself be courted. I don't need to give it up anymore -- you gotta really want me for that, otherwise I don't need or want YOU.
28. When Yvette goes, I will not get another pet until I have a yard or can afford a dogwalker.
29. I am one of the laziest people I know.
30. I HATE that I am lazy.
31. Yvette loves to sit under my desk when I'm at the computer and I love it when she does. She keeps these big feet warm.
32. I like to go barefoot indoors (drove my mother nuts) but am a tenderfoot outdoors.
33. I love dark, pegged and grooved hardwood floors. Had that in the little house my parents/aunt and uncle had bought for me and my "cousins."
34. I changed my name because of The Kabalarian Society and numbers.
35. I read Gone With the Wind when I was in the fifth grade. I always wanted to be like Scarlett.
36. I hated my name back then and had my bus driver call me "Melanie." Guess Scarlett was too obvious, and Melanie, she sure was sweet.
37. I really admire my godmother -- really independent, strong, sensitive and smart. And I always got so much attention from her, singing and exercising together when I was little.
38. Now that she's a recent widow (she met him at my baptism... he died the same day 44 years later) I feel incredibly helpless to help her because I still haven't grown up yet. UGH.
39. I had tons of teenage babysitters from the 4th grade up... they taught me about music (Old School R&B, boys and sneaking around Filipino parents).
40. Never snuck out of the house though... just wasn't real truthful about where I'd been.
41. I constantly struggle with being late.
42. Except for a movie or the theater. I am NEVER late for those things.
43. I hate that #41 and #42 are true.
44. I have always been a night owl.
45. I feel terribly guilty for being a night owl, but hold staunchly to the fact that I am one.
46. I am incredibly critical. Not judgmental -- critical. But I'll never tell you that. Unless you are Jack or my mother, because I get mean too.
47. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I'm just a perfectionist. I'm not. I'm a critical son-of-a-gun.
48. Speaking of which, I want to shoot a gun. Not own one, just shoot one. I don't want to be afraid of them.
49. I love the color purple.
50. I love The Color Purple. I checked the book out in college when I knew I was going to be sick in bed because it had "purple" in the title and that meant Donny Osmond. hehehe
51. I have a dream one day to ice skate hand-in-hand with my husband at an outdoor skating rink. Which is pretty funny since Madley On Ice (M.O.I.) is a klutz (see Eskimo Girl on the sidebar of this page).
52. I only like dark meat on poultry -- thighs and wings, not legs.
53. I adore Eastern European accents -- and men.
54. I love cheese.
55. I love paté.
56. I love wine with both of the above -- hell, I love fine dining.
57. I love ethnic dining.
58. If I had to only eat one kind of food food for a year, it'd be Middle Eastern.
59. Can't do hot though. Tiny zing, but not spicy. What a waste.
60. I love Baskin-Robbins Capucchino Blasts and regularly get them at our local DRIVE-THRU B-R.
61. I'm a drive-thru fiend, and I never wait to eat at home.
62. I like to park somewhere and listen to the radio in peace while I eat my gourmet drive-thru food.
63. If I HAVE to go to the grocery store, I only go after 11:00 pm.
64. I love Whole Foods but can't afford it often.
65. Trader Joe's is okay.
66. I hate nickels. Pennies and nickels. I kick them out of my wallet all the time and put them in my coin jar.
67. I just learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em from my dad and I love it.
68. If I could make a living playing poker, I would. Remember #29.
69. If there was a fire in my apartment, I'd only take my dog, my photos and my journals.
70. I've just discovered "Magic Shoes" -- they're my awesome running shoes (although I don't run). Everytime I put them on I feel like I can do anything, like I have energy. I should probably keep them on more often.
71. At this moment I have four pairs of shoes, two pairs of socks and three bras within one foot of my computer.
72. I can't wait every week to do the TV Guide crossword puzzle.
73. I am The Great Procrastinator.
74. When I get money, the first thing I want to spend it on is food, a book or a class.
75. I worship at the feet of whoever created Adobe Photoshop.
76. I've only bought one pair of pajamas for myself in my life. My mother keeps me well-stocked.
77. I can't sleep without something on my shoulders (a sleeve) and can't stand to have socks on.
78. I once was addicted to 12-hour Afrin nosespray in college and was "shooting up" every hour. It was rough coming off of that stuff, and I still have to watch it. Dang nostrils -- they're too small!
79. When strangers were given a survey about which of 200 words they thought I was with just looking at me and not knowing or speaking to me, the number #1 word was WARM. It made me want to gag. Of course, I wanted to be SEXY.
80. That was for a fantastic marketing class for actors -- and I learned more about myself in that class than I ever did in all the shrinks' offices I sat in.
81. I have crappy vision, don't think I can tolerate lenses very well anymore and am too chicken to get lasix.
82. I don't think I could ever do plastic surgery on my face because I saw on TV what the actual surgery looks like.
83. But if I ever got skinny enough again, I'd get these boobs lifted in a second.
84. If I had to be a nurse like my mom (and I knew I wouldn't be when I was five), I'd be in Labor and Delivery or the Nursery or NICU. I used to visit the babies when we'd pick her up from work -- and I've actually thought of being a Mid-Wife. Unfortunately...
85. I've always sucked at science. Flunked two courses for science-idiots in college and only passed Chemistry for Dummies because I had a crush on the Professor Deardorff.
86. I guess I didn't need to know why things were -- they just were and that was fine by me. PEOPLE were more fascinating.
87. I met up with a girlfriend I hadn't seen in 31 years last year for the first time since she moved from California to Oklahoma. The second time I meet her is tonight. If I don't oversleep.
88. I have to sleep with a light on most of the time.
89. I told a waiter three days ago the three Russian phrases I knew: Hello, Welcome to Los Angeles and Thank You. I was mortified (well, not really) when I realized I sounded like a hooker!
90. I used to run 12 miles a week. (I had a trainer though.)
91. It makes me nuts when someone kisses my neck. Oooooohhhh...
92. Or blows gently in my ear. Yowee.
93. I'm a Sunday's child ("good and wise and fair and [not] gay")
94. There's only one thing I can't write about here or anywhere because I think it would hurt my family.
95. If I show stress anywhere, it's with a headache. I am an Aries, after all.
96. My favorite date of the year is March 12th. That's G3rry Alt@mero's birthday. And when my sister-in-law was getting induced with her third child during that week in March and asked me was there a date she thought was better than any other, I said immediately "March 12th!" So my nephew was born exactly 40 years to the day of G3rry Alt@mero. Maybe one of these days I'll get to tell him that. He'll probably croak. (Edited 3/30/07: I told his cousins (the bakers) and by the way they acted afterwards, HE MOST LIKELY DID CROAK.)
97. They've always said my oldest niece was my clone. I taught her how to stand up for herself when people said that, because that's a miserable way to grow up, in someone's shadow. So she'd say, "I might look like my auntie, but I'm just me" when she was 6-7 years old. YAY for her!
98. Luckily she's 11 and growing up much differently than I, and I'm proud of her and her own accomplishments. I used to feel sorry for her if she was gonna be like me.Boba
99. I've always been REALLY JEALOUS of cute, tiny, delicate, pretty, Filipino girls ("balingkinitan"). It still takes me aback how instant a reaction it is in me, even now.
100. I like tall guys.
101. I love drinking out of straws -- all sizes, from teeny cocktail ones to the huge boba ones (see photo -- boba drink with "pearl" chewy thingys..). Anything so I don't have to crank my neck and drink out of a bottle.

Okay, Miss D -- tell me your list of what you never knew is longer! ;)