Saturday, November 13, 2004

I almost CAVED

Oh dear... Technorati almost caught me there -- kept seeing it all over the place and I ALMOST signed up... I caught myself when I was thinking about which password to use... AHA! I swore but two days ago I wouldn't do it! Whew. I mean how people really need to see the same old profile of me over and over again?!

BTW, now that I've just had a WONDERFUL morning of blogsurfing (really! I've read a lot of great stuff!)... does any one out there know what the heck BE's mystery credits and mystery prizes are? Or they supposed to be a mystery to everyone?

And what's this "exchange linking" thing all about? Just because I like your blog doesn't mean you HAVE to link to me. It doesn't have to be mutual! I only want to be on your blogroll if you like what I have to say -- and just because you like me doesn't mean I have to like you either.

(Does that sound mean? It's not supposed to be, I swear. I just think blind reciprocity is WEIRD.)