Sunday, November 28, 2004

A "Viv Sandwich"

Madley, Viv G. and Viv C.

Cecilia took this picture at our lunch break during hand class at Thai Dishes last week. The four of us are third-year students -- and yes, lunch is quite the respite as we stuff the hand analysis and enneagram information into our already saturated brains during the weekend.

This picture reminds of me a few months ago when I started having lunch with the two Vivs. First, of all I've never known a Vivian in my life, and now I know two -- that's kind of strange. So I teased, saying: "I'm in a Viv sandwich!" To which Viv C. said, "No, that's not right, you don't name a sandwich after the bread, you name it the stuff inside."

So I stand corrected -- when we lunch, we go as "A Mad Sandwich" instead.