Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday Six

Before I get taken out to see "Finding Neverland" (YAY!) on this drizzly and uncharacteristic LA day, I've got some questions (and answers) for you all :) I got these from Patrick's Place: (He asks for a link back to him, so all can play. :)

1. How long do your Thanksgiving leftovers usually last, and at what's the first non-Thanksgiving item you begin to crave when you tire of turkey?
2. Of the following, which would you most prefer to be located:
a) Interstate highway traffic jam
b) Slow-moving checkout line
c) Dentist's chair
3. What is at the top of your personal Christmas gift wish list this year?
4. What improvement would you most like to see added to AOL's Journal software?
5. What seasonal movies do you most look forward to this time of year?
6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #33 from Tara: What is your favorite classic 80's video game?

Madley's answers:

1. One day. I'm usually a guest at someone's house and if offered leftovers I only bring a little bit back. Unless they're Filipino, of course, and then I bring my own Gladware. The next day I'm craving me some steak and rice (when did I become a big Texan?).
2. Dentist chair -- there's an agenda, a finite end and wonderfully clean teeth at the end!
3. Gift Certificate (to buy a digital camera).
4. N/A
5. "A Charlie Brown Christmas." And if I can find it, "The Gift of Love" by O. Henry w/ Marie Osmond (yes, I'm a big Marie fan -- see hairdo below).

A Marie Osmond 'do
Me and Mike, minutes before being crowned First Homecoming Princess.
I LOVE TIARAS! And yes, it's 1977.

6. Pac Man? I was/still am a SPAZ when it comes to video games. They don't make sense to me. Once I went to one of those Virtual Reality arcades and the poor attendant spent the whole time we were racing trying to get me out of spinning in one spot. Word games are more my speed.

What say you?

PS. Saw "Sideways" yesterday -- a fine slice-of-life film. Loved the soundtrack -- and it sure made me want to learn more about wine! (Thanks for the recommendation, Answer Girl!)