Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hmmm... interesting. These are the top places that would be ideal for me live... seems I already have a "relationship" with most of them! And I was trying really hard to get NY, NY there... I got Boston, but not NY??!?

Your Top Spots
Las Vegas, Nevada - Jolynne :) but I'd NEVER LIVE THERE, it's UNREAL
Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts - Maria
Providence, Rhode Island
Portland, Oregon - always dreamed of visiting
Los Angeles, California HOME since 1978 (-2 years)
New Haven, Connecticut - close to IK?!
Honolulu, Hawaii - just got back - coolness, but I think I'd get island fever
San Diego, California - brother and other family is there - too conservative!
Orange County, California - too conservative!
Hartford, Connecticut
Baton Rouge, Louisiana - what about the humidity?
Long Beach, California - I was just there in a beautiful part of town... hm...
New Orleans, Louisiana - never been, wanna go
Oakland, California - Rick!
Worcester, Massachusetts - been there (near Marlboro) -- too isolated
Little Rock, Arkansas - who are you KIDDING?
Washington, District of Columbia - not a politics kinda gal
San Francisco, California - not surprised -- not interested!
Sacramento, California -MISS D!!!
Chicago, Illinois - Parrish
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cambridge, Massachusetts - Interesting...
Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut - Interesting again...

This is all very interesting... but I do have to say I'm not surprised... except at Little Rock.

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