Friday, March 30, 2007

This is what 80 looks like!

Mom's birthday

It was a wild success -- talk about leaving them wanting more! Ran out of appetizers. (Filipinos don't understand the concept and stuff their plates -- I didn't find out until very late that I couldn't get them french-passed). Ran out of cake. (The hat was mango/mango filling, the jewelry box was mocha/macapuno filling and the hatbox was chocolate/chocolate mousse filling -- and everyone wanted more than one piece!) The fashion show with my mom's clothes over 50 years was a smash... and people just hung out and hung out!

Mom looks great, doesn't she?

It's almost been a week and I'm just now getting back to "normal." I learned a lot this time around... for what I envisioned and what I actually executed... oh, I gotta stop it beating myself up for what it wasn't... thing is, I get my perfectionism from my mother...

Oh heck: It was lovely!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Guadalajara Sun

Guadalajara So I just came back from the diner... and yakked all night with Ricardo (from Guadalajara, which is where this "sun" is from)...

Read hands. Had fun! Exhausted because of stuff to do for Mom's party, but envigorated from the reading... felt like I was back in my own skin again, finally. Gotta do that more often!

Hasta luego--

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cinderella, and a Guitar Gently Weeping

It must be that full moon again.

Went to the Pisces full moon meditation tonight and ended up going out to Hollywood and eating outside on picnic benches with Maria at a tasty (and packed) Mexican food stand, El Gran, on Santa Monica and Vermont... wow, cheap and delicious! How fun was that.

But Pisces being Pisces... fluid, dreamy, nebulous, vast... I had to come home to do some composing for the next assignment. Looking for music in a ballroom setting (1700-1800s or so), and ended up at YouTube watching the Cinderella of my childhood and her Prince, Stuart Damon.

Wow, could not stop crying... I love this song... and whatever it is that it brings up in me...

A quick aside -- almost 20 years ago I was at a "meeting" of sorts and ended up sitting next to an older Stuart Damon... and we had to hold hands for a few minutes... and I remember thinking to myself, "My God, I'm holding hands with fucking PRINCE CHARMING!" hehehe How did he get away from me?! -- or rather, where is he now?!?!?

Of course, without realizing it, my idea of a "Prince" was formed by seeing this version of Cinderella and Mr. Damon. But I can't let go of Paolo Montalban either (I wrote about him ad infinitum already) but of course, I have to put his version here also.

I never ever believed a Prince -- or a love -- could be Filipino. Until I saw that.


Or maybe it's just that I love that song... AHA AHA Rodgers and Hammerstein! And I do love those tenors.


Lastly, today... here's a gift my brother, Mike, shared with me. George Harrison being channeled by ukelele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro.

Tonight the guitar, ukelele and I -- we all weep.

Edited: 3/5 to include:

To bring it all together and talking about PRINCES, check out the PRINCE lick at the end... it's a tribute on VH1 to George Harrison with Tom Petty and others, and even George's son (his doppelganger!) is on stage too (can't miss him). PRINCE KICKS ASS!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Donny and Al

I can't believe my nine-year-old nephew Kevin turned me on to this video -- it's on his MySpace (where he says he's 16...)!

First, here's the finished product: "White and Nerdy"

But it's THIS GREEN SCREEN I found today that has me ROTFLMAO....

Wait til the end... Donny's in good shape for a soon-to-be 50-year-old man, I CAN'T KEEP MY EYES OFF OF HIM!!!