Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Sweetest Sounds

Paolo standingI'm a mush-pot (no big news) -- and it's showing up in my dreams... today's nap produced another sweat-inducing, probably peri-menopausal wedding or boyfriend dream... and lately they've been looking like Paolo Montalban.

PaoloIn case you didn't know, he played The Prince in the 1997 Cinderella TV version with Brandy and Whitney Houston. He's a beautiful man, he's got a gorgeous voice and shockingly enough... he's Filipino. {Why is that? Because Filipino men have an incredible hoop to jump through in my eyes... but hey, that's another post.}

The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear
Are still inside my head
The kindest words I'll ever know, are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all, is yet for me to see
And the dearest love in all the world
Is waiting somewhere for me
Is waiting somewhere, somewhere for me
(Rodgers and Hammerstein)

CinderellaAh,what a dreamer I am... and I like it that way. (Wow, I'm feeling a bit defensive about this all right now! But I plow on -- I at least write in this blog so I remember where/what I was feeling -- it's MY blog, isn't it? -- or that I even WAS feeling...)

Tonight I had the urge to finally pull out my Cinderella video and watch and sing... and I swear, I felt my heart open up... AHA! I finally know the key to my well of hopes and dreams... MUSICALS. Amazingly enough, it's only in a musical that people/characters are so overwhelmed with feeling that mere words will not suffice -- they have to break out in song... oh, dear, I'm getting teary just thinking about it again.

A Little RomanceA Little RomanceA Little Romance

Last week I finally watched my TV -- thanks CJ for putting my VCR/DVD players together -- I'd had the TV for a year and a half and was just scared that I broke it. I don't have reception, but I was able to pull out one of my favorite movies, A Little Romance, with Diane Lane. My friend who watched it with me was feeling quite cynical about it -- knowing what would happen, that they couldn't really be together... and I was so "into" my movie, I didn't even notice she wasn't laughing and enjoying herself.

Same with tonight... I have another friend who's stressed out about a job she's doing on the side and hates that after all these years in the business, she's still doing "surivial gigs." I couldn't even relate.

And that's okay. Because, as dearest, sweet Heidi says in The Alchemy of Love class I've just begun with her -- one of the steps of the heart is softening the heart. And when I can just sing and cry into my TV, and open my heart to the hope of true, innocent love again -- then I know that I, the optimistic Seven, am out of my head in the right place.