Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Weekend Wedding Whirlwind

Lisa and Cliff

It was terrific hanging in Sacramento with my buddy, Ms. D. and her family. Her niece, Lisa, married the handsome Cliff and I was very happy to be invited. What I don't understand: Why do people still live in Sacramento? IT'S SO DAMN HOT!

bunsBut then I wasn't thinking so much about the heat as was my stupid shoes... when did I get so vain? These cheap-ass things were just too cute and I was too dumb to buy them... my final lesson in being sorry-ass shoes and being cheap. PAY FOR THE GOOD STUFF for god's sake!

Didn't realize I was going to be on duty to take pictures for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, as well as helping out with videotaping the actually day of... but that was actually good to have willing subjects all weekend! I kept myself busy and enjoyed playing with D.'s over $2K digital "stalk-arazzi" camera -- too bad none of those pictures are here.


Update: I'm feeling so behind with my posting, I figured I'd better just post what I have rather than wait... I hate the feeling of not being caught up with MYSELF... so here are some pictures from my baby camera ;)

Nicole, Josh, Andrea and Matthew

Treb and BrandonSuffice it to say, it was a fabu wedding! The Bride and Groom are wonderful young people who will I know will admire as they grow together and begin their lives!

But back to me (hehehe) -- I didn't feel too old, too single or too drunk, I didn't catch the bouquet but didn't want to anyway, despite my ass being on the dance floor with all the lovely maidens. HAHAHA! I also didn't get a chance to absorb the ceremony since I was being a shutterbug, but during the father-daughter dance, "You are the Sunshine of My Life..." I really, really lost it. I always do...

Ah, weddings... those kinds of tears are wonderful.