Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy 2013!

I never imagined a year "Twenty-Thirteen" and it still feels weird to say. I guess that just means I'm in new territory now... LIVING IN THE PRESENT.

I kinda like that :)

This picture of Romy and me was taken on the third day of my third Simbang Gabi season... since I'm kind of "banned" to post on Facebook about him (okay, he's more private than I am... I think almost everybody is) I can at least enjoy it here, right?

So much happened this 2012... just going to multiply it now... and this year about GROWING UP. Healthy, strong, prosperous, loving, creative and happy. That's it.

I happy just thinking about it! That's it for now...

Oh, and Niece #1 is blogging now... so proud of that girl, she's one heck of a wonderful chica! The Shades of Chic ...Go over there and say hi! :)