Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Jason Bourne is really David Webb

My god, how mundane. And yet it sounds somewhat comforting... to go home to where you were born ('xcuse the pun) before your decided yourself to be RE-born/Bourne.

It's been almost a month since I logged in and much has happened... a party and trip in Hawaii, a homecoming... a focus... a letting go...

And mostly as "Sheila." Born. Reborn. Return.

Family all around -- what it was... and what I know what it to be... sounds cryptic, but I didn't mind Sheila this time. Wonder where THIS is taking me!

And there is still something so wonderful to me about Russia. AND Oahu.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Whirlwind Filmmaking many technical problems! Viv and I were up north meeting halfway between Sacto and Newark, staying overnight when she didn't have to, I was online trying to figure out how to download a "codec" so I could see the shit we shot... UGH! And most of all... I couldn't remember the number to do an audio blog -- darn!

But I'm back for a few days, finally editing this thing. I'm under the gun but at least it's a fun, creative gun. Viv is coming to Honolulu to take pictures so I'm gonna get a hell of a lot of help -- the right kind too, that's so bitchin'! I want to be able to truly relax when I'm there, not just work on the ceremony/reception or babysit. The beach, the pool, a good book and lots of NOTHING PLANNED.