Monday, July 05, 2004

Whirlwind Filmmaking many technical problems! Viv and I were up north meeting halfway between Sacto and Newark, staying overnight when she didn't have to, I was online trying to figure out how to download a "codec" so I could see the shit we shot... UGH! And most of all... I couldn't remember the number to do an audio blog -- darn!

But I'm back for a few days, finally editing this thing. I'm under the gun but at least it's a fun, creative gun. Viv is coming to Honolulu to take pictures so I'm gonna get a hell of a lot of help -- the right kind too, that's so bitchin'! I want to be able to truly relax when I'm there, not just work on the ceremony/reception or babysit. The beach, the pool, a good book and lots of NOTHING PLANNED.