Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Joann Rides :)

I flew into San Jose yesterday to spend a week with my parents and my brother and his family -- can I just tell you what a RELIEF it is to fly that one hour than driving 12-13 (for me, as I tend to nap on the road!).

Then SNAP -- great idea, I have to cab it to bro's house from the airport -- let's call a blogging friend and say hi in real life!

I've loved Joann's blog, Taxi Vignettes, since she and I both started a few years back -- I loved cabs in NY and always enjoy my adventures in them ;)

So she met me near the info desk downstairs -- beautiful Joann who just had her photo taken with Governor Arnie and has an 8x10 of it on her dashboard! I will have to say, I love putting people together with their writing, and I've met REALLY COOL PEOPLE via the internet... so here's to you, Joann, proving the rule that the net can be a lovely place!

Now... on to gourmet vegetarian dining in San Francisco...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Trader Joe's Disco

commodoresSaturday night at Trader Joe's and I find myself freezing (I'm always freezing in that store) but shaking my hefty ol' booty while I pushing my empty cart down the aisle...

I realize it's The Commodores' "Brickhouse" -- and heya, I'm back in high school! Where Kurt S. once called ME a brickhouse. Because I had big boobs. And because I thought it was funny. And I liked my big boobs. And yeah, we even played that song in Rock Band... everyone always "funked out"!

Hurry, hurry, it's COLD... and OMG, I'm dancing again! This time it's Evelyn Champagne King's "Shame" and I've about lost it now because I'M SINGIN' FULL OUT IN THE FROZEN FOODS SECTION.

And I don't care! I'm sick as a dog, can barely breathe, sweating from a temperature, but that loud-ass music is makin' me lightheaded and I like it. And to top it off... I hear a guy say:

"Boy, they play great music in Trader Joe's -- LOOK, everyone's dancing!"

It didn't occur to me that he could've been making fun of me until later... he just sounded so enthusiastic and was probably about my age too -- so I'm choosing to continue to think he was as "up" as I was!

What a lovely, Saturday night moment. :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Day of 100s

Oh dear... Andrew got it in his head that since today was my birthday, Viv and I had to do something SPECIAL -- and he remembered that when he was doing martial arts, on New Year's Day they did 1,000 kicks.

So in celebration of my birthday (poor Viv got dragged along), we did 100 seconds of plank, 100 leg presses, 100 lat pull downs, 100 push ups and 100 crunches.

"Happy Birthday!" the smiling trainer says. Then Viv and I go to lunch a do a little shopping.

Four hour laters... we are both aching. Can't even IMAGINE how miserable tomorrow morning will be... oh dear!

Evil Trainer. EVIL! hahahaha

Happy Birthday to me!

And yes, I've just woken up for the zillionth time sweatin' like crazy -- could it be menopause already?!? Darn.

Have a workout today, then a lunch, then spending the evening watchin' videos with a friend. A mellow day... but not a mellow year!

* Finish recital
* Go to Europe
* Get to goal weight
* Make a sh*tload of $$
* Finish apartment
* Learn how to cook

I'm breaking through that "wall" this year... and it feels good!