Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Joann Rides :)

I flew into San Jose yesterday to spend a week with my parents and my brother and his family -- can I just tell you what a RELIEF it is to fly that one hour than driving 12-13 (for me, as I tend to nap on the road!).

Then SNAP -- great idea, I have to cab it to bro's house from the airport -- let's call a blogging friend and say hi in real life!

I've loved Joann's blog, Taxi Vignettes, since she and I both started a few years back -- I loved cabs in NY and always enjoy my adventures in them ;)

So she met me near the info desk downstairs -- beautiful Joann who just had her photo taken with Governor Arnie and has an 8x10 of it on her dashboard! I will have to say, I love putting people together with their writing, and I've met REALLY COOL PEOPLE via the internet... so here's to you, Joann, proving the rule that the net can be a lovely place!

Now... on to gourmet vegetarian dining in San Francisco...