Sunday, April 16, 2006

Trader Joe's Disco

commodoresSaturday night at Trader Joe's and I find myself freezing (I'm always freezing in that store) but shaking my hefty ol' booty while I pushing my empty cart down the aisle...

I realize it's The Commodores' "Brickhouse" -- and heya, I'm back in high school! Where Kurt S. once called ME a brickhouse. Because I had big boobs. And because I thought it was funny. And I liked my big boobs. And yeah, we even played that song in Rock Band... everyone always "funked out"!

Hurry, hurry, it's COLD... and OMG, I'm dancing again! This time it's Evelyn Champagne King's "Shame" and I've about lost it now because I'M SINGIN' FULL OUT IN THE FROZEN FOODS SECTION.

And I don't care! I'm sick as a dog, can barely breathe, sweating from a temperature, but that loud-ass music is makin' me lightheaded and I like it. And to top it off... I hear a guy say:

"Boy, they play great music in Trader Joe's -- LOOK, everyone's dancing!"

It didn't occur to me that he could've been making fun of me until later... he just sounded so enthusiastic and was probably about my age too -- so I'm choosing to continue to think he was as "up" as I was!

What a lovely, Saturday night moment. :)