Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Nine Layers

I got this from Jen's cool blog -- it's amazing what you can run into with BlogExplosion. As if I need to write MORE about myself -- but here goes anyway!

Layer One
name: Madley
birth date: April 10
birthplace: Delaware
current location: LA
eye color: Brown
hair color: Black and startin' to gray a teeny bit
height: 5'4"
righty or lefty: Righty
zodiac sign: Aries

Layer Two
your heritage: Filipino. That's it.
the shoes you wore today: The aforementioned Magic Shoes (running shoes)
your weakness: People asking for help. And steak.
your fears: Dying without having contributed a thing. And pain. Do not like pain.
your perfect pizza: Super thin crust, gourmet (from Spark Woodfire Cooking in Studio City) - goat cheese and asparagus or prosciutto and some kind of leafy green stuff... Oh dear, can you tell I'm hungry? I am a pizza snob.
goal you'd like to achieve: Balance, with not too much drama.

Layer Three
your most overused phrase on aim: Neat. LOL. LMAO. :) ;) I guess I'm pretty happy on IM!
your first waking thoughts: What-time-is-it-where-the-hell-am-I-and-what-the-fuck-am-I-supposed-to-be-doing-right-now? (Truly not a get-up and go kinda gal!)
your best physical feature: My hands.
your most missed memory: What does that mean? Something I miss? Assuming that's it -- I miss my sheltie, Tyler :(

Layer Four
pepsi or coke: Either. With ice and a straw.
mcdonald's or burger king: Either. In 'n' Out is best!
single or group dates: Single... are you kidding?
adidas or nike: Either, whichever fits these weird feet best.
lipton ice tea or nestea: Neither. I like tea steeped not powdered.
chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
cappuccino or coffee: Espresso -- for the after-dinner taste, not the to fill up on.

Layer Five
smoke: Nope, never did. Can't inhale.
cuss: Hell yeah.
sing: For fun, always. Seriously... someday.
take a shower everyday: Every other.
do you think you've been in love: Know it.
want to go to college: Want to FINISH IT!
liked high school: Loved it. Last time I was "truly" myself. (How sad is that.)
want to get married: Yes?... I know I want a wedding! LOL
believe in yourself: Hell yeah.
get motion sickness: Back seats and busses, and occasionally when either of my brothers drive. :) Fortunately not on the water.
think you're attractive: I'm okay.
think you're a health freak: In my head!
get along with your parent(s): Hell yeah.
like thunderstorms: Yes -- unless I'm travelling in them.
play an instrument: Piano (badly) and a long time ago: recorders, tenor/bari sax, clarinet.

Layer Six
in the past month...
drank alcohol: Yes, wine.
smoked: Nope.
done a drug: Does immodium count? LOL Oh, and my regular legal pharmaceuticals.
made out: Last night!
gone on a date: Funny, I don't consider last night a date...
gone to the mall: To adjust my glasses -- hate malls!
eaten an entire box of oreos?: Ick no.
eaten sushi: Oh yeah. :)
been on stage: Sorta? Just introducing our seminar speaker.
been dumped: No
gone skating: No
made homemade cookies: No
dyed your hair: No
stolen anything: No

Layer Seven
played a game that required removal of clothing: No. Ew. (Except in the dark. Maybe.)
if so, was it mixed company: n/a
been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yup. Many moons ago.
been caught "doing something": Nope.
been called a tease: No
gotten beaten up: No
shoplifted: I think once when I was a kid. Scared me to death. Never did it again --from a store, anyway. :(
changed who you were to fit in: Always... constantly gettin' over it. My poor Water Heart lines.

Layer Eight
age you hope to be married: Before death.
numbers and names of children: n/a
describe your dream wedding: Depends on the age above and the guy, of course! But hopefully with Mom and Dad still around.
how do you want to die: Smiling. HEHEHEH
where you want to go to college: Occidental College -- I did. I do. AACK!!!! Get me out!
what do you want to be when you grow up: Oh good grief... how about reading this blog and telling ME? Seriously, self-sufficient in the arts, and somehow being of service.
what country would you most like to visit: Russia

Layer Nine
number of drugs taken illegally: One
number of people i could trust with my life: Five
number of cds that i own: Maybe 30?
number of piercings: Three -- one in one ear, two in the other. That's enough.
number of tattoos: None -- yet. Too indecisive. Though I've learned "Madley" in the ancient Filipino script of baybayin and I'm getting close!
number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: A couple? Can't remember.
number of scars on my body: Lots -- I'm clumsy!
number of things in my past that i regret: Three -- (1) I won't talk about, (2) not taking the job in Switzerland, and (3) gaining back the 110 pounds I lost plus more. Other than those (!!!)... I'm doing pretty okay.

Your turn! Send me a link so I can read it. Please? :)