Monday, November 08, 2004


Good Ol' Troy McClain No, not Brad Pitt again -- it's Troy McClain from The Apprentice!

All my gushy, fan stuff came out all over again and I wrote a note to Troy about the "What's My Line?" show I saw him in last week.

Here's what he sent and the note he answered. There's nothing in it too personal so I'm sure he won't mind. (HEHEEHE "O-wa-ta-goo-si-am" -- or rather, Oh, what a goose I am!)


Madley, Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I had a blast that night with Wil and all the other people. They were very nice to me. At the end of the day I don’t sing, dance or act, so it was great to just be there with some good people. As far as Rose Marie goes, it took me a minute or two but then I figured it out. More so I remember her on Hollywood squares when I was younger. School, well I am trying to figure out what to do about that. I am running out time to be honest but I am going to go that is for sure.

Anyway thanks again for the email and hopefully I get the language down before I go to the big China!

Take care

Troy =)


From: Madley
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2004 6:00 AM
To: troy
Subject: "What's My Line" -- you were great!

And so refreshing too!

Hi Troy,

You were my absolutely favorite on The Apprentice (and still are ), and it was a great surprise to see you in town (I actually saw it on Wil Wheaton's blog). You were SO FRESH, cool in a no bullshit, Marlboro Man kind of way, like a cool stream of water on a hot-*ss dry L.A. day! I'm an old jaded hat nowadays here, so I can actually say -- DON'T LOSE THE IDAHO IN YOU, it's terrific.

You got that fiddler down in the first question too -- a great study of people, obviously. (BTW, did you know who Rose Marie was? I was a bit shocked when she came out as she, er, um, hasn't aged the most gracefully -- but she's quite the stitch! Did you get the feeling she was trying to hit on Wil? LOL)

I almost shouted out "What school are you goin' to?!" but I didn't want to point out my humble beginnings like that (HAHA) and I figured wherever and whenever it was (I assuming you're taking Mr. Trump up on his offer), you'll let us all know in good time!

You're a good man of honor -- I wish you success with your name Home Game Show (When's it gonna be on? What channel, what website? LOL) and of course safe travels to China!

(BTW, they say "xie xie" for "thank you" there, which is pronounced like "shay shay" but make sure you have someone who speaks it teach it to you with the tones and so you pronounce it correctly and not say "she she" which means "piss" in Japanese. LOL Oh heck, you can also say "toa xie" -- which sounds like DOOR CHAIR with a Boston accent... well, you'll figure it out, you always do! ;)

Again, best regards always,


Okay, I'm old but still tickled.