Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pacing without Moving

God, I'm so lazy!

It's called waiting-for-the-vote-to-come-in-but-sitting-on-my-ass-at-this-computer! Well, I do admit to being a Mouse Potato in the title of this blog :) I don't have a TV, I have a computer... so I'm listening to talk radio, reading blogs, posting blog entries, watching news on Yahoo. I'm gonna at least try to finish washing the dishes and sorting through some papers.

I went to vote at 5:30 and there were only about a dozen people in line... I was a bit bummed because I wanted to yak and having something exciting to blog about (I didn't bring a book, but I would've known not to talk to that person and to be quiet and polite! (wink to Allie).

My town is weird -- part of it is really old fashioned folk (who you know had ancestors in the Appalachians), part of it is full of the newly immigrated Armenians/Arabs/Russians, part of it is very Latin, and one black fellow, who happens to lives next door to me (well, he feels like that anyway, and still feels wary walking my dog at night). It's also VERY, VERY Hollywood (lots of TV and studios are here), but much lower key -- like the best of suburb-living (!!!) in the middle of Manhattan (if you can imagine). But that's why I like it -- not to mention the police department is A-1! (I will never live in the LAPD district again... more stories for another day.)

Women's Harley Davidson 6-inch Faded Glory Boots in Black are the ultimate riding boots.Mine is a very working class neighboorhood and there was a lot of lovely español being spoken in my polling place. Signs were in three different Asian characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese and something else I didn't recognize. So when a tall executive who looks like the blond Trump executive Carolyn Kepcher from "The Apprentice" emerges, it's neck-cranking. And when a hefty girl in jeans, and motorcycle garb and shorter-than-short hair comes out and revs up her Harley... well, it made the nice older hippy-dippy-lady-who-couldn't-find-her-polling-place exclaim:

"Oh. Isn't that a dainty bike?"

We all wanted to scream. MWAHAHAHA!