Thursday, November 11, 2004

BlogExplosion and The Peter Principle

That's it. As the old Peter Principle states, I've reached my level incompetence. With this blog stuff. ARGH!

I clicked on someone's BlogExplosion banner, just trying to get a little more traffic, braving the big old Blogosphere as I know it.

Oh dear, I've opened Pandora's box!

Basically, you read a bunch of blogs (for 30 seconds, and there's a timer there to help you) for the first few "credits." What I love about this is that BlogExplosions blogs are validated -- they're not those stupid spam or ad blogs, and THEY'RE ALL IN ENGLISH. I love that! Especially since I am usually hitting the "Next Blog" button in the middle of the night and get lots of 13-year-olds from southeast Asia with bad midi music playing, a font size of 6, teddy bears/anime graphics and "i WeNt tO cLasS ToDAy" entries.

But these folks -- now these BlogExplosion PROs have been doin' it for awhile! Being the "newer-the-better" information whore that I am, I've been gobsmacked with incredible graphics, original, non-template designs, trackback, tag boards, photoblogs, add-ons (hit counters, search my site, calendars, clocks, search engines, blog directories, polls, yada-yada-yada) and blog rolls from here to Timbuktu. I am both awed -- and stricken down STUPID.

I have questions up the ying-yang: How does it know I'm clicking on the right number that's askew in the box? What's a credit? How do I use them? How come I can't see their URL? How do I know people are reading me? How come this HTML stuff is so hard? WHY AM I ASKING ALL THESE QUESTIONS?!

And instead of writing in my own blog, I'm spending countless minutes (okay, you know it's hours) STARING AT BLOG DESIGNS. Argh. I'm barely even reading the things anymore, and that's what I usually enjoy the most. And of course, I love all the "marketing tools" out there for free. Banners up the wazoo. Click here, click there, your downline will give you more credits, more traffic.... aargh make it stop!

I quit Amway a long time ago (and never had a "downline" -- I couldn't bear it, I just wanted to sell the makeup to go with my color consulting) -- since when was it okay for me to get myself back into Multi-Level Marketing?!?!?!?

All of a sudden I'm caring more about who comes to my blog than how it serves me and my own darn thoughts and feelings. Hell, I've always been a "Build It and They Will Come" soft-sell kind of gal, why change now?

("MORE MORE MORE!" screams The Never-Enough-Stimulation-Enneagram #7!)

So I've declared a moratorium, much to my Inner Marketing Queen's dismay:


This is for my own good (and apparently all those other nutty voices inside of me too). I will only put on things on my simple blog that make MY heart sing... which includes a full moon watcher and maybe a search engine so I can find my own crap in this blog myself. HEHEH

Enough "checking out what's out there" -- according to Gail Sheehy's Passages, that's for my twenties. After that, it's time to decide exactly what of "that world" I actually want to keep in mine.

(But if you do decide to explore BlogExplosion, do click on the link or the banner on my sidebar :) [Ooh, sorry -- Inner Marketing Queen snuck out there for just a moment!])

Whew. Glad that particular ride is over.