Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Makin' Out

Dearest Allie had written a awhile back about there being "worse ways to spend a Monday night" that was delicious -- it was about calling a boy (okay, not a BOY, but you know what I mean, as opposed to a GIRL -- okay, MALE) to come over and MAKE OUT.

Like the good old days ;)

Tonight I did exactly that. Went and visited MrA (for Mr. Anonymous?)... we talked for a little bit, and then I said, "You know, I read on someone else's blog... (and I told him what a blog was) and... er... um... ahem... can we just make out for awhile?"

We were already listening to Rod Stewart's lastest album of wonderful mushy standards that sounded like Christmas music...

And he turned to me and... yeah, we made out! Kissin' right there on the love seat. hehehehe

I'm just giggly all over still... I felt like a teenager again! (Until it wasn't time for me to be a teenager anymore ;) And guess what? It was a Monday night! *giggle again*

So thanks, Miss Allie... what else have you got up your sleeve?

(Oh please, crossing my fingers none of my family is reading this!)