Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Appetite -- Back to NORMAL

Well, sorta... tummy's still tender, so Anita says it must have been some kind stomach flu. No one to blame I guess... except me for my soon-to-be-an-addiction to ginger ale.

I'm about to run out the door to spend the last thirty bucks until who-knows-when on Yvette's meds and then go and vote (hey, I've only been up for an hour), but of course I had to eat something and me being food-snob in my parents eyes ("if you don't have money, YOU DON'T GET TO HAVE ALBACORE!") had the BEST meal:

A bologna sandwich. Yum!

I'm having a hankering for Filipino spaghetti after YankeeBob's Spaghetti Story... oops I don't have any money... for being Filipino with a ton of spaghetti in the cabinet, I sure wish I knew how to make it. It kinda looks like canned spaghetti but it's sweet and hot(with sugar? not unlike sweet and sour sauce) and has both ground beef and VIENNA SAUSAGE or HOT DOGS in in.

Don't ask. My mother doesn't know how to make it either, she thinks it's not edible. I just like weird things and (mostly) weird textures like tapioca pearls in boba (wink to Stacey) and sashimi.

OOH, I just found a picture and a recipe -- she calls it Junk Food Spaghetti. Well, that's not very delicious sounding... but I want some anyway!