Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tivo - my saving grace

When one doesn't have a TV, one happily takes a pet-sitting gig in Hollywood with unlimited cable, HBO and Showtime and Tivo. But one also has to plan to stay put -- which required packing I didn't do, and hence the basic grounded of my adventures had a lot to be desired!

table* Thursday -- back from Astrology, starving and ate some of the fixin's Jeffrey and Alan bought for my weekend with their "kids" -- Nero, the four-month-old Corgi/German Shepherd mix, and Elvis and Priscilla, his kitty siblings. Jeffrey'd Tivo'd three Kept, where Jerry Hall picks one young KEPT MAN, and they win $100K and lots of acroutrements... I kept delaying the end, hoping handsome, introspective, sexy, brilliant, Austen Earl... but at the end she picked his best friend, Seth Frye. Funny choice... makes her laugh. At the stage in her laugh Jerry said she wanted to have fun and be entertained (I agree!) and Seth really fit the bill... it was great to watch/learn from this show. Passed out late.

* Friday -- do the Nero thing way too early, watch Tivo'd stuff (mostly HGTV makeover stuff). Rush to Burbank to cash a check, get clothes, shower, let L.'s Irish Setter and King Charles Springer Spaniel out and feed them. Dash back to Hollywood for Nero and the kitties, screaming all the way through frickin' Hollywood Bowl Traffic. Then meet Lu so we go up to Heidi and Andrew's fantastic (and humid) party -- great mix of working artists, musicians, actors, writers -- and healers. Lots to talk about! Read an earthy-air guy with ten loops (!) and asked him how he supported himself (the polite way in Hollywood to "what do you do?" He said, "An actor." I had to question him again... REALLY? Yes. Oh, okay, yes. I'm meeting people moving forwardm getting paid for their art... that's good karma for me! One check on imdb.com proved him legit ... how cool. Also met a man in a CBS Fall sitcom... very, very cool. I'm meeting a different kind of person now... I must be growing too!

Then back to Nero and Tivo -- where I watched Alec Mapa in Wisecrack... he's the funniest filipino-American gay man I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Good to laugh myself to sleep.

* Saturday morning started early with the pupster... then to babysit Kate at 10 am at Heidi and Andrew's. Lovely, lovely... got to talk to Heidi for a bit and relax... til it was time for her to do a reading, and me to leave. Only my car battery wouldn't turn over... too old. So I went upstairs to yak with Andrew until AAA came... and then followed the guy to his uncle's shop to get a new one. Seemed nice enough and I'm sure I overpaid, but I was just relieved to have nice people to deal with, what's a few bucks I don't have.

Went to Nero, then to Burbank to get ready for Viv G's 40th Birthday party: "don't come as you are." First to sherman oaks to feed CB's kitty but it was dark and I couldn't find my way around to get in. I was an idiot... it was a baby bag, right? Oh poor kitty. But then I had to rush back to Burbank to carpool with L. to the club... oops, food's almost all gone. Strawberry cake was scrumptious. Dancing was fun in the club... and you can't really dance to ABC by the Jackson Five. I didn't drink... but I was losing it at this point, I'm so tired. I couldn't even play correctly with the one crasher with long hair who took his shirt off to dance sexily with all the arty/healery/body work folk... Back to get car in Burbank, then to Nero. It's anice walk in Hollywood at night. ("But watch out for the land mines," Alan warns me. There are so many animals in this apartment/condo heavy area, there's lots to watch out for in the "poop patch.")

Sunday was a bit more relaxed... Nero's lovely (after he ate my cell phone antennae and leather case -- hehehe, I'd been warned). I try to work a little online... watch the stuff I'd Tivo'd... and get ready to babysit for Kate again, only Heidi tells me the babysitter of the birthday boy's cancelled -- could I stay at their house with their sleeping 14-month old Kieran and feed Kate. Of course I could -- got to watch Bambi for the first time! Then home to Nero and some good tug of war, and downing Elvis' pill.

* Monday -- more relaxed, one trip to Burbank, tons of Tivo and the boys took me to Canters. at this point have a pretty bad heartburn... take pepcid and have matzoh ball soup soon. And right then, as I'm eating this wonderful comfort food, I'm thinking how great to not have to think this weekend. Just have weird day dreams amd real dreams.

== Okay, Lunestra's kicked in... life is good... I'm knocking out.