Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"Time to throw a wineglass!"

That's what good old Jack said this morning as he exited my apartment, referencing another time I was furious at him and out a wineglass came, onto a kitchen wall and shattering all over the floor. But hey, I just needed to throw something and hear it break -- I'm a good enough softball first baseman and racquetball player to hit my mark if indeed it had been him.

BASTARD! I once sent an e-mail on his behalf to an organization, asking them to please send update his Event Coordinator -- oh hell, I'll just post the e-mails as they happened. If he thinks this is an invasion of "privacy" well he can f*ck off and change his password and everything else he's "shared" with me so I can "help" him -- IT'S MY FUCKING BLOG.

I sent this on his behalf:

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:25:33 -0400 (EDT)
To: support@****.com
Subject: [Tech Assistance] Please post my EC profile asap!
From: "JACK"

I sent it in over a month ago and it's not in the directory of ECs. I finally have my first event posted and I would like members to know who I am!


So they write back, five days later.

From: "support"
To: "Jack"
Subject: Please post my EC profile asap! (fwd)
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:24:49 -0400

Hi Jack,

We understand your eagerness to post events and have your EC profile on our site, but please be patient. Speaking sharply in emails to other volunteers - post my profile ASAP - is not respectful of other individuals on our team. You may not realize this, but we manage hundreds of ECs from all over the country. And our staff is comprised entirely volunteers who help part-time whenever they can.

We try to get everyone's profiles up there within a week of submission, but we're experiencing a big backlog of EC profiles -- profiles that must be hand coded and individually laid out.

In the meantime, if you want attendees to know who to look for, please reference your regular member photo. We're doing our best to get your profile up as soon as possible.

Support Staff

I get screamed at because good old Jack thinks NO ONE SHOULD EVER SAY "ASAP" TO ANYONE EVER IN AN E-MAIL, and CERTAINLY not on his behalf.

He didn't "ask" me to write that e-mail, and he guesses now he has to tell me every little thing I should or shouldn't do. So am I not going to take responsibility for any of this?

Any of what, I ask?

Because now HE got that "nasty" response from the organization, and because HE couldn't get a hold of me in the last two days, he just HAD to respond to it (I just copied this out of his mailbox, but in going back to capture time and date, he's at the library covering his ass and it's been deleted. But I got the original note):

From Jack to support@****.com


Since you're so busy, just forget about it.
It will be faster for me to send it via Pony Express.

Okay, now -- who's the nasty one?! ME? I certainly think "asap" is not nasty -- I've been writing e-mails since 1997 both in business and personally and I think the organization's response was pretty damn defensive. They could have sent the "informational part" about them being backlogged, but shit, who needs the lecture?

But HE wrote that nasty response to them. Because he couldn't "talk" to me about it. Because I wasn't available. That's why his fingers went to the keyboard to type that retarded response.

However, I digress. The point is, I kept getting bullied around. I tried to relax, to not interrupt him, to let him have his say, but finally, when I've grown a backbone after 10 years of knowing this guy and doing a lot of work on myself -- I finally realize that HE THINKS MY INTENT IS TO FUCK HIM OVER.

How dare he, I tell him! Whenever he comes crawling back, he always mentions that I'm the one who took him in for nine months when he came back from abroad, who let him sleep in the bed those nine months while I was on the couch, who helped him with cover letters, résumés and sold him two cars for cheap. For that, he says he's always grateful, to me, his closer-than-close friend.

He had tried to walk out minutes before because he said I was "in a mood." I talked him back because I tried to find a way to not be defensive and screaming. I did, he came back. But this time I told him he needed to leave. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. You're an asshole if you think I was TRYING to make you look bad -- I was trying to finish what I started because YOU couldn't figure out how to do any of that shit yourself. GET OUT!

And that's when he told me it was time to throw another wineglass.


Post-script to this: Here's the note he just wrote from the library computer:

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:06:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Jack" <"Jack">
Subject: An Apology and Explanation
To: support@****.com

I apologize for the several recent emails that were sent to Support on my behalf. I think they had my name and address on them.
They were NOT "my" emails.
I had given my password and address to a friend. He or she (I'd rather not say who) was helping me post and edit my event. It was my friend who wrote you.
I want to apologize for this whole incident. I'm very sorry.

Well, well, well -- seems he knows how to write "nice" notes too. Good for him. You're on your own now, buddy.