Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I went to a screening at The Lot (9/27) of Breaking the Fifth, whose website I did (go ahead, check it out :) My friend Meredyth is the female lead, her boyfriend Matthew is her co-star, and he also wrote it and co-produced it. It stars Frank Langella (swoon!). Behind the scenes of Breaking the Fifth

I went by myself (no biggie) and took those notes as I waited for the screening to begin.

So Hollywood -- but can tell this is an audience of "friendlies" -- no suits. Only Chief (Austin, the director) has a sports coat on. Summer wear, young people and definitely all "behind the scenes" folks like me.

Austin was nice... he introduced me to his beautiful, blonde, tall wife as the woman who did the website.

"It's beautiful!"

Well, yeah, it better be.

Feels weird to be on a lot again -- so familiar, almost like "home" -- special -- and yet who are all these newbies with ponytails and mousse, and sunglasses on their head in a studio screening room at 8 o'clock at night? God, these folks are getting younger and younger...

Meredyth is beautiful today with her down and nicely coiffed. She gave me her disc for her ad [note: I'm working on designing promotions for her] -- how weird to be talking about [the content] advertising when she's the leading female in this film! I told her, "Why don't you give it to me now because I'm sure lots of folks will want to talk to you afterwards." Oh me, always thinking like an Assistant. With a capital "A."

Lots of T-shirts. Definitely no distribution $$ here. People have not changed their LA "uniform" at all since 1983--

Hey, where's Art [one of the actors]? I don't know what I'll say to him if he were here, hell, I don't know what I'd say to anyone -- actually I must be doing okay if I'm not really worrying about what to say, as in "What are you doing now? Where do you work?" Okay, not worried except to take this second to write this down.

It's probably 8:10 pm now, running fashionably late but I'm sure we'll start soon. Waiting for anyone -- someone important to make it -- this is horrible waiting like this!

But I'm proud to be here -- I wonder if all eleven (11) headlines [newspapers/magazine mock-ups that I did for the credits] make the beginning of the movie like Meredyth said it did two weeks ago, unfinished as it [the movie] was. I hope so -- it'll be a nice claim. :)

YAY! Time to start -- Matthew and Austin up there, Matthew thanks his mentor, Stuart R... Chief is so funny! Got thanked (I like to believe) as one of the 450 people he can't name who helped with the film.

Holding my breath...