Sunday, September 19, 2004

Iliushka & "A House is Not a Home"

Ilia Kulik and Burt Bacharach - A Tribute to Burt Bacharach, San Jose (2003) I feel like these teenagers posting what they're listening to... but hey, keeps you young at heart, right?

I've got exactly ten (10) songs in my Itunes library and I'm shuffling/repeating six of them... especially this delicious one, A House is Not a Home, sung by Luther "THE MAN" Vandross and, shockingly, written by Burt frickin' Bacharach! Amazing...

Stars on Ice:  Seisouso by Cirque du Soleil.  This is the guy I remember the most... Ilia (Kulik) performed last year in San Jose at a Tribute to Burt and did this song live with James Ingram singing -- Luther was scheduled but had a stroke instead... sorry Luther :( It apparently was one of the highest points of Ilia's pro career (so far) -- ALL of him was in it.

Madley and Ilia, too much wine and laughing at SOMETHING crazy, LA, 1998 I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic about that time with Kulik's Krew before it even formally existed... this blogging reminds me of the friends I met (and hated) there... and of going to Ilia's practices to help him with his music and videotape...

Ah, for another day... how did time slip by me like that?