Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Ooh, before I leap off that proverbial pity-pot -- can I just say that I feel like LIFE just passed my by?

Rick, from high school, just sang his first ever set since high school (20+ years) in San Francisco (I didn't get to go)... he claimed his passion again and is barreling forward... and I'm getting carpal tunnel from this damn computer, that's how much I get out. Good on ya, Rick!

And I just read that East West Players is doing a MUSICAL -- oh my GOD! -- called Imelda... holy shit.

Imelda 'the Shoes' Marcos "I have been ridiculed, vilified and persecuted because of my shoes. But in a way they saved me. Because when they went through my closets looking for skeletons, all they found were shoes."

It must've been 15 years ago I auditioned for a play called "First Ladies" about Imelda and I think it was Idi Amin's wife? I got so into auditioning I actually called up NBC news and begged my way with an assistant somewhere to go watch some footage of her so I can get her clothes and her mannerisms... wow, that was exciting!

I go to the audition at LATC downtown, which I know real well because I took a playwriting course there (Wordsmiths)... and I was so done up like Imelda (which they say you should never do, but shit, I did it anyway, I knew how rare this sucker was going to be)... they were taken aback... and were quite drawn to me. I can't remember if I sang, if I tried an accent... I just know they worked with me for awhile (the kind of while where you know they're interested in you, not because they're waiting for their dinner to be delivered)... it felt great! Talk about a niche, who else could play Imelda but me? I was destined... in my fantasy life, apparently.

The feedback was that I was too young to play her.

Not about my accent or lack there of, or my shitty acting skills -- they liked me, but my age was a factor.

NOW that I'm getting closer to that old broad's age and weight -- oh, well, maybe I already met that goal -- I'M NOT ACTING ANYMORE! How the hell did that happen?

Maybe I'll audition in 2005 anyway. They might get a Filipino lady from the Philippines -- they're all singers anyway, natch -- and hey, I know both the composer and the director, shouldn't that count for something?! Hell, don't they all know I've always dreamed of being the Filipino Ethel Merman?!!?!??

(Oh dear, I feel "PityPot" coming on...)

In any case, it's a long time from now and I've got a lot of fish to fry... bottom line, I'm feeling a tad fucked up... no, I mean jealous. Yeah. I'm jealous. And there's nothing cast or anything! So relax there, Missy.