Wednesday, September 29, 2004


OMG, you just prevented a total case of craziness!

I was trying to add the bloglines button on to my blog (I just figured out what a FEED IS! YAY!) and I have no idea what I hit in my template, but it disappeared! The whole damn blog! Nothing there but the header... all gone except a bunch of gobbledy-gook.

So I resigned myself tonight to start putting in my little eskimo fella and my blogroll... and then I rememberd -- Dave at Dave's Grab Bag said COPY YOUR HTML somewhere, and you'll always have it (and not have to recreate the wheel).

Oh, I'm so glad I did!!! Everything was there (except two blogs, which I'll find), et voilĂ ! Everything's great!

I'm so grateful -- thanks for that simple, simple advice. :) Now I guess it's time to back up all my documents too, right?!?!? (Duh. Gotta buy discs. ASAP. <---haha)

Now I even have time leftover to watch The Apprentice!