Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Have Hands, Will Travel

This is at a wedding reception in Sacramento last May -- when you can't eat one more bite and they're playing too hard of rock to dance too, READ HANDS! Reading hands

I like this picture... I forget people have a need to hear about themselves in this way and they like to hear it from ME. Guess I'm still going to hand (analysis) school for a reason. :)

And actually, I may be booking a weekend in Chicago with a friend's sister and her friends (oh good grief, where did I put those brochures?). She caught me on IM last week (I rarely have it on).

TBl [2:04 PM]: you know, funny because your name came up in conversation a week ago.
TBl [2:04 PM]: i had a tarot reader come to my house
Mad [2:04 PM]: really? how? what? hope it was semi-good ;)
TBl [2:04 PM]: and p. mentioned you read palms
TBl [2:04 PM]: i love that stuff
Mad [2:04 PM]: for you or for a party?
Mad [2:04 PM]: oh shoot, he's been promising to bring me out there to do a presentation evening...
Mad [2:05 PM]: here's what I'm about: Welcome to The Apposta School
TBl [2:05 PM]: for me and two other people, not much of a party but she was willing to do it
Mad [2:05 PM]: presentation evening - 30 minute class, then everyone gets a 10-12 minute reading... and the host gets a full 90 minute reading for free
TBl [2:06 PM]: can you read pretty well?
Mad [2:06 PM]: our mission is different than this though:
Mad [2:06 PM]: * To rescue the lost and abandoned Self, and
* Manifestation of your Life's Purpose.
TBl [2:06 PM]: wow, that's deep
Mad [2:06 PM]: I'm a great reader (and modest too)
Mad [2:07 PM]: yup... your life purpose is in your FINGERPRINTS -- it they never change
TBl [2:07 PM]: wow, that's neat.
Mad [2:07 PM]: (the lines in your hands do, as well as the shape -- but not your prints)
TBl [2:07 PM]: tell me more!
TBl [2:07 PM]: ohhh
Mad [2:07 PM]: i've been studying for 3 years... I've read 250+ hands
TBl [2:07 PM]: can i give you a copy of my hands, ha!
TBl [2:07 PM]: lol
Mad [2:07 PM]: do yo have a scanner at home?
TBl [2:08 PM]: i have a copy machine here at work
Mad [2:08 PM]: ooh better!
TBl [2:08 PM]: really
TBl [2:08 PM]: i'm excited
Mad [2:08 PM]: hehehe
TBl [2:08 PM]: i love this stuff
TBl [2:08 PM]: can i send it to you?

And send she did... and I gave her a 15-minute reading on IM! We'd just learned vocation via hand shape this month and I'm happy to say I nailed her well, she who "didn't want to work." Felt good!

I will have to remind her about "no predictions" when I get there though, as I don't read Tarot :). People always ask hand readers about their love lives ("work on you, not on the other person!") and money ("hey, Source is pretty big, why don't you think they'll be any for you?") and if they're gonna die (as my friend says in her flyer: "Ask God -- or if you don't believe in God, ask your doctor.") This kind of palmistry isn't about predictions, it's about your Life Purpose.

Well, there -- that sure sounded like a commercial!