Friday, September 17, 2004

HTML Misery -- HELP!!!

I just posted this comment at Dave's Grab Bag: Layout Continued:

I can't believe I ran into you, just browsing along -- I was just going to post 'HTML Misery' and whine about why the hell wasn't I 13-years-old again so I could've learned this when my brain isn't already half-fried!

I just learned how to put an image up with an ALT name but unfortunately I can't figure out how to make it 'wrap.' AARGH! I'm just stealing code from The World Wide Web Consortium but I have no attention span to do it for long, and hell, I need a teacher to ask questions of! I guess I'm probably gonna have to sit in some HTML class for dummies somewhere soon.

Anyway... thanks for posting my own frustration! Good luck -- and I'll be back for more 'hints.'

AARGH! (At least I wrote the post.) I'm having a hell of time trying to figure out how to repair (REPAIR? AM I NUTS?) some code on a blog I opened for Rick -- that d*mn Blogger NavBar won't lay across the top of the page, it bunches up and cuts off into the middle of the blog title... not to mention the font changed from the original template (Minima), but I can live with that.

Anyone out there who knows about that NavBar and can advise... I NEED YOU! (Please? :)