Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Allergic to Water... again

I've been in a funky place lately... and I don't do dishes or wash clothes or the car or the dog and sometimes barely me (but I meet people all the time, so I manage to get in the shower regularly).

Where in the hell is that g.d. mail-order blood pressure medicine anyway?!?!? At least the lexapro is in good supply (yes, welcome to my LA world, where anti-depressants are de rigeur.)

Nice to get back to reading my blog roll folks though... for some reason they're a good comfort and encouragement to keep writing and not get stuck... (hi y'all!)

Even though I'm sleeping earlier (but waking up at all weird times)... oh shit, I just thought of me being allergic to water -- I have water heartlines (in my hand) and we're just too damn sensitive! It's been a week of thrashing, violent emotions with all my friends (in that I mean a torrent of rainstorms and waterworks, not physical violence), and I just absorb that all... no wonder I'm allergic to water. I need to get grounded again... I feel like I'm drowning.