Saturday, September 11, 2004

Headlines - NOT about 9/11

I was so proud of myself this week -- I did a great job on those made-up headlines for the film -- I was incredibly late and stressed out the director and the editor and of course myself.

SHIT, I have to learn to TAKE TIME TO BE CREATIVE. (It's not like typing a damn letter, Miss Ex-Secretary!) Just because you think you "can" do it in a certain amount of time doesn't mean it's gonna be any FUN if you don't leave time to diddle-daddle and fiddle.

I was proud of the work I did, just not in the way I did it, and I'm chicken shit to send him my invoice. I will though -- oh god -- I need the money but that's not the point -- hell, he got a DEAL with the stuff I sent him.

He said, "Be creative" but that's a really shitty direction to give someone who's as perfectionistic as I am. I had to pick the paper, pick the date, research what was going on that day, make sure the headline matched the times as well as the newspaper... I did 11 headlines from 1946 to 1996... that shoulda been $200 per headline... not the 1/10 of that that I asked for... damn.

Well, now I have mockups of the NYTimes, the NYPost and the NY Daily News if anyone's interested. I did fall in like with Frank Langella though... funny how you can do that when you're staring at someone for so long... who needs a "live" man when you can fall into like with an image? It was like when I was working on the website and hearing his voice all the time... wow.

I am a sick fuck and I have to get a LIFE.