Saturday, September 11, 2004

Family Lesson too

"Not being heard in the family."

Lovely, three-part lesson.

About 35 minutes ago, I just finished the 3:05 second video that I was supposed to show at my parent's party in July -- I showed what ended up being the first of nine stinking versions. But I'm proclaiming it done:

A Medina Message

I'm really tired of working on it... there's always so many damn choices... and then not enough coverage -- I should fire the damn director... oh wait, that was ME.

But you know, I never got tired of watching them. They're adorable, they'll always be adorable. I'm just tired...

I realized how hard I've been working on this... to "squeeze a place in my own family" where I actually feel like ME... and after talking talking to BC today she helped me realize that when I'm "disconnected" I'm probably not being authentic -- just reactive -- and then, lovely conic, Hal 9000 lady... I try to "figure out" how to "manage" my feelings and "behave."


Feelings don't come from your HEAD, moron!

But then why would I know that, right? Please, Missy, be nice to yourself.