Thursday, September 23, 2004

Naked Nellie

Well, that's the way I'm feeling this morning about that last post. I'm not sure I can facing up to how reactive I was -- and how evil and mean and passive-aggressive I am in black and white, and to people who know me in person... I was actually trying to find a way to change this blog name (and keep all the posts!) so I could hide it from people in my life who know me (especially anyone who thinks "highly" of me) so I could stay honest, no matter how shitty-nasty-icky-disgusting-pathetic-vindictive I look.

What kind of "spiritual" person AM I that I could be so mean? asks The One Who Knows Better.

"One who's stuck in a human body with human limitations and emotions," answers The One Who Knows Even More Better.

Well... okay. Naked Nellie I remain for now. But I better post more posts so this one gets buried -- I don't want to change date/time stamp... you know, for posterity and all that shit.