Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hey 2005!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks so much for your notes missin' me -- it really means a lot -- and I miss catching up with you too. I've been at my parents with that horrible dial-up and slow PC so for the most part I've not been online. And it's been a weird wild ride... I missed Christmas -- as in no presents to give :( and birthdays too :( but a shift's happened somehow for the better.

Will be back in LA (and DSL!) Monday, Jan 10 and back to read up on everyone!

More soon,

PS Best moment -- taking the niece and nephew for their first bowling game -- and of 3 adults and 3 kids, the FIVE-year-old won! And I'm hooked on all the reality TV marathon shows on VH1/MTV -- Surreal Life, Newlyweds and Pimp My Ride -- thank god I'm going back to no TV soon. :)