Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Nanny is back in town

I was so proud of myself to get up, floss my teeth, take my pills and go to the bank before I was to eat breakfast -- obviously, The Nanny (part of me) that knows how to take care of me was sent to Tahiti somewhere while I was at my parents' home.

So I get to the bank, proud of myself that I'm not going to ATMs at night, and wouldn't you know I bounced something again -- SHIT SHIT SHIT! I was so wanting to be on top of everything... AND IMMEDIATELY STARTED TO GO INTO BEAT-UP MODE.

Thank god she's back.

I took my walk and calmed myself down, stayed in the moment -- I'm not gonna die because of a bounced transaction. And we try, try again.

I'm so proud that I walked though -- it wasn't very far, but it was pretty and felt good to move my muscles. During the break my niece and I went twice around the mall because that's what my parents do EVERY DAY and I thought I was going to DIE. Not out of breath, just muscles I didn't know I had. That is SAD.

So I start anew.