Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Gettin' back on the saddle

And what a big saddle it's become (I ATE TOO MUCH)!

[or is it "back IN the saddle" and "back ON the horse"? I never get those right. In either case, both saddle and horse have become considerably larger.]

I keep wanting to make a big splash of an entry... and thoughts plus words plus typing fingers won't get it together right now! I'm in "input" mode (as opposed to "output" and you can't be in both because then you're in neither) and luck would have it a friend of mine just got her WGA card (Writers Guild of America) which entitles her and a friend to see ANY MOVIE FOR FREE ANYTIME! Woohoo!

Major input time now... saw The Aviator last night by myself (I've been DEPRIVED of film and am weaning off the crap TV), and I'm leaving now to see "A Very Long Engagement." Life's good.

BTW, I'm on so I'm alerted whenever you all have an entry -- OMG, you've been writing -- and living -- a lot! Catching up slowly but surely (input, remember?)... am savoring as I read!

Movie time...