Saturday, January 29, 2005

Howdy, Mr. Consciousness!

Hi there Jeffrey,

Well, you can see what time it is... I happened to have gone to bed early last night, but just woke up from this really incredibly dream... of which you were a big part!

I dreamed I was sleeping... just like I was last night (with the light on because I fell asleep reading). But as I was starting to get up I could feel myself asking for my parents... like they shoulda been around or I was living with the or something... but when I woke up I heard someone testing a microphone. Outside my house.

When I opened my eyes, my apartment was empty -- exactly how it was when I first moved in here. I went to the door and it was my friend Parrish and some other Filipino guy I didn't know saying, "Hey, morning sleeping head." When I turned around, you were in the kitchen cleaning up. And I said, "This is weird! Jeff, what's going on?"

Then some other people I know would "pop" in on the floor, and just be waking up... but before I could say hi, they'd disappear again! And I keep saying, "Jeffrey, what IS this? Why are they asleep and popping in and out of my apartment?"

They'd keep popping in and out, and my parents would pop in and out too, but the only ones who'd stay awake and up and about were me and you and Parrish. Every now and then Alan would pop in, standing wide awake... but then he'd pop out again. It wasn't until I heard you say, "Oh, Alan, come on honey, stick with it, it's not that hard" did I get it...

I told you, "I get it, I get it!" When were really come into being our real conscious selves, we pop into Consciousness as adults... we "wake up." And we STAY awake as long as we choose to!"

You said YUP. I got it because you were always "awake" and kept wanting Alan to choose to stay awake, and because he didn't pop in asleep, he was purposely choosing to turn it on and off and you were getting a bit frustrated.

So then I just saw bunches of my friends pop in and out, asleep, starting to wake up, and I'd watch their reactions to waking up to a strange-but-familiar place. Some would cry, some would be startled and shock themselves and disappear back in the ethos in an instant. I also noted people who didn't quite show up at all... and I kept expecting them too... and people who's names I only know through the web who showed up with faces. It was quite the show, these people popping in like bubbles...

But then I said to you, "Is that all there is, watching people come in and out of consciousness?" You looked at me as you finished up the kitchen and were right about to tell me something...

And I woke up.

Weird huh? But not so weird too (isn't it funny how we talk)? I'm gonna probably post this on my blog too... I just want to remember it because it didn't feel like a regular dream... like there was something else to it.

Whatcha think?!