Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Arcane and Mysterious

Upon reading comments on dear Hope's blog, I was excited to hear her say when describing me that I was learning something "arcane and mysterious." Wow, how sexy is that -- reading hands never sounded so cool!

In the same sentence she described herself as a "spinster" -- which always made me CRINGE when I learned it was a LEGAL TERM FOR AN UNMARRIED WOMAN -- but you know, if you're gonna be a spinster, you might as well be arcane and mysterious too!

The first class of this hand analysis year went off spankingly well this weekend, despite my mad dash to complete all our forms, policies, etc. We're in our fourth (and supposedly!) final year and we only lost one person to attrition. She also happened to be Terry-Linn's assistant, so that's been rough on the staff, but we're adjusting well to this new configuration.

This year Terry-Linn has now incorporated The Enneagram in her teachings -- not separate to but as part of the school and our teachings -- to her now, hand analysis and The Enneagram are not separate. I actually learned it first, a long time ago (in a class taught by a NUN!) and I'm just so glad I can speak to both with for friends, family and clients.

So this weekend we combined our first Enneagram class with the Map II class -- and the best part about it was there was a STRAIGHT MAN IN IT! Woohoo! And he sat next to me at lunch and class... and he's such a brat! He KNEW weren't used to having a straight, European guy around and when we asked if his ascendant was in Scorpio (okay, we've got professional astrologers in there too), he said "My ascendent is in Leo, ladies -- THAT'S what you all are feeling" -- I almost spit up my beef teriyaki! But he was right... it WAS really nice. Flirt, flirt, flirt all day long... so glad to know I still have it in me.

My assignment this month (other than CLEANING MY HOUSE and INVITING MY R.C.K.G. TEAMMATES OVER FOR MONTHLY MEETING -- yikes -- nobody's been in here for years...) is to call one of them EVERY SINGLE DAY and tell them what The Nanny has for me to do day.

Every single day. So I don't disappear into the big mysterious hole. Like I did when I went up north... people can't stand it because I'm out of touch... hey, you all got a taste that too :( Basically I forgot any and all of my needs and just fall into the schedule of my family. So I'm not allowed to do that anymore -- I have to call someone and stay out of the depths.

I'm hoping it'll also help me get out of my decidedly UN-arcane Reality TV fix with my a friend last night -- The Bachelorette and Brat Camp, and then the trio on VH1. The most horrible thing was I realized I weighed more than ALL OF THE WOMEN on Celebrity Fit Club. I couldn't tell my friend of 18 years that -- she couldn't believe how large those women were already, and hey, maybe she already knows -- and at another time in my life I would made a big self-deprecating, hardy-har-har joke... but this time, I'm only tell you. :(

Time to laminate Hope's essays on exercise and food and fitness. After lunch.