Thursday, January 20, 2005

How you dress for 85 degrees in January?

I don't know how to dress here in LA anymore!

Coming back from the Bay Area (which BTW, took me 13 hours because of all my naps, plus a crazy wait for the AAA man to jump my car because I fell asleep with the radio on), at the bottom of the Grapevine on the 5 I saw a very L.A. couple (read: blond, good-looking and definitely work in entertainment -- but corporate, not indie or in front of the camera) getting out of their perfect SUV to use the restrooms in McDonalds IN SHORTS. I thought they must be driving north because I was coming out of McDonalds in three thick winter layers. Guess it's hot in L.A.

I haven't gotten in right yet as there's no reason to wear sweats everywhere around town and look like a slob like you can in "winter." But I'm gonna try.


I saw Hotel Rwanda today with my new member WGA friend -- she got her curly locks hair straightened permanently (for four months actually) and she looks ten years younger and like a million bucks. Getting out of TV production is doing her good... I'm sure The Man -- HER Man is right around the corner!

I liked Hotel Rwanda (I found out that you can't see EVERY movie with a WGA card for free) -- but more than the movie, I LOVED Don Cheadle. I only know him from a couple of things, but most recently from ER as a surgeon who can no longer practice due to MS, and now this. I'm just realizing how wonderful it is to go to a film and not have to be aware of an actor's "baggage." I know nothing about Don Cheadle and when I saw this, he was PURE RWANDAN to me. It was terrific to get lost in a story like that.

And yet, what made me cry the most was when all the whites -- and they called them whites there -- were being evacuated and the hope he had for the West and UN to intervene disappeared. I'm sure there was some good music in there helping out -- but all I could come up with again was: YOU CAN'T TELL ME THERE'S NOT A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING BLACK/WHITE/BROWN in the world, as naive as some of my friends try to make me believe. As simple and good as we are and alike -- I think of Sting's "And the Russians Love Their Children too" -- we, humanity, have the exact same capacity for evil. We have to be aware of BOTH, because to live only thinking people are inherently good is NUTS. Our very existence is based on our DUALITY -- Godlike AND Human.


Goodness, where did that come from? I slept today at 9 pm after eating and seeing that movie... knowing full well I'd be up in the middle of the night again. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Re: The Aviator -- Cate Blanchett is fantastic as Katharine Hepburn! Made me want to know more about her (Miss Hepburn) -- I'm sure you know I just dive back into the internet after I see a film so I can dig deeper in the why and wherefores -- and I bought her memoir "Me" at for a buck. (I love when that happens.) Can't wait to get it. Oh, and Leo... he really is a Movie Star. Stays out the crap mags and his job wonderfully. Can't believe he's 31 and Cate is 35 -- they looked so mismatched agewise. Hmmmm... maybe I'm just jealous.


Lastly, I've caught up with three blogs this morning... Answer Girl is so consistent with her movie quotes here were 33 entries to read! Looking forward to the rest... although I don't know if I can do the 62 and countin' from YankeeBob (but I'll try).