Sunday, October 03, 2004

Weekend Wrap up

I'm going to visit my "elderly" (with a nod to DevilBoss there) this week for a little R&R -- I know there's something clever to call that but it's certainly NOT just for Rest and Recuperation -- ah, I know, Recovering (I'm exhausted) and Replenishment (I'm broke). But it makes me crazy before every trip -- like I want to be the neatest packer there so I arrive with my car, my dog and me PERFECT so they know I can take care of myself -- not to mention the apartment spotless so in case I die while I'm away everyone will THINK I was perfect.

Truth of the matter is I'm a wreck, my dog's a wreck, my apartment has always been a wreck, I don't take very good care of anything and I need to go the only place I feel like calling "home."

If that makes me a 44-year old baby, well, then there you have it.

Newark, California, here I come.