Monday, October 04, 2004

Easygoing vs. Firm

Just sent this to Jack:

One of the things I like about you is that you can always be counted on. You're as good as word.

One thing I like about me is that I'm flexible and easy-going. And it's probably something you like about me too, as witnessed by the people you complain about and don't like in your life

But one thing is for certain: I AM NOT YOU.

I will agree that I need to work on "boundary" issues and being more responsible, accountable and firm. However, it's not your job to work on that with me -- actually, I would really appreciate it if you would be sensitive to my needing to work on those things. In other words -- don't throw gasoline on an already volatile and fragile situation here. Please.

If it's someone with good boundaries you need -- go find one. I'd really rather you decide to be my friend for what I am and what I'm working on, instead of wishing that I was more like you -- or different than who I am and am trying to be.

If I'm mistaken in assuming this is what you think, then please clear this up.

Via e-mail is preferable, not phone and not via a visit. Please note that I'm going away and will not very available except via email once or twice daily.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I feel amazingly calm right now. That's good, very good.