Saturday, October 23, 2004

I wrote a song!

Well, just the lyric, actually -- and it took me maybe fifteen minutes to get it all down! WOO HOO!

I called Jeffrey and just barfed up my whole Tony/G3rry dream again and told him I hate to whine to anyone and he was so sweet: "I've known you too long to judge you, I never do -- it's whining without judgment." Is that not sweet?! Damn him, I told him I want a boyfriend and he said all his friends were gay. DAMN.

Anyhoo, another friend completely interpreted it the way I needed it (psychologically, Jung-ingly, etc -- down-to-earth, as in "You know everyone in your dream is a part of you, it's not about the person themselves." Rats, I know that, I just wanted to feel LONGING for awhile... but it got me off my butt to realize it's about the acceptance of the "young male" part of me that's ready to go out into the world (as opposed to the female part I've been sending out to do a "man's job" and has been fucking it up all over the place -- of course she would, you wouldn't send a man in to breastfeed now would you?)

Well, la-di-dah... it's boring to write here, but it's out of my system and I got sick of my own dang apathy... so while waiting for Jenny to get to her house from the store, I sat out on the steps of her apartment building and pulled all the "feeling" shit out, told a story et voilĂ ! out comes a song. Three stanzas and a chorus, and even a little twist, if I can figure it out correctly.

I'm so impressed with myself -- I caught the inspired moment and ran with it... and I think I have a country-type story and I don't generally like that kind o' music! Must be all this redneck talk lately ;)

P.S. I DID end up finding G3rry Alt@mero online -- apparently he won $10,000 in a Reno casino! heheheh