Thursday, October 28, 2004

Heavenly Halloween Hands

Just got back from reading hands in Long Beach for a regular gay man's dinner group -- there were 40 fellas there in costume and me :) There were lots of K-Mart inflatables and even a rabbi and a priest coming in together -- they called themselves the beginning of a joke that you had to finish yourself: "A rabbi and a priest go to a gay party..." (Jeffrey and Alan, you crack me up!)

I haven't done my count, but my hosts tell me I must've done about fifteen 10-12 minute readings... I was pooped afterwards, but boy did I have fun! Some of them fellas were so cute, and one guy in drag was just impossible to imagine as a male!

Most of them were also in the 35-50 year age range and in long-term relationships, so it was a very mature group and they took what I said seriously. One fellow was even in a wizard's costume, and after reading his fingerprints I told him he was appropriately dressed -- his purpose was Spiritual Teacher and should be teaching ME.

Actually, I had some pretty deep conversations in some of those sessions that were quite moving -- to me as well as to them. I swear, I love doing this.

Now I need to follow up with them and hopefully book full readings or get referrals... I swear, this is the hardest part... to follow up! I have to keep remembering I've got to help get this information out because I know the impact it has on people -- and get out of my own fear-of-rejection stuff... ah, take a deep breath and go!

But tonight I have to find my tip jar money -- first time I got to do that and it felt weird because what I do isn't "light party entertainment." Probably figures why I've misplaced money somewhere again! Yikes.