Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm still here :(

This is unbelievable -- I was supposed to be up north on Sunday. I've spent all day and all night (unless I'm passed out) working on this damn scrapbook for my mother for her 45th wedding anniversary Hawaii trip last July -- and it's WEDNESDAY.

Why did I think it would only take a 24 hours to do it? The f*cking thing had 173 photos and 35 12x12 scrapbook pages (front and back) -- that's 70 layouts and oodles of glue. Not to mention all the CAPTIONS that got reprinted from the website, cut and also glued to go with each pictures. Here's what they look like (and yes, you-know-who wrote the titles and the captions). Hawaiian Hell

I'm also feeling a bit sickish... I just got medical insurance again (yay!) and yesterday my (legal!) blood-pressure pills finally came in from Canada. So, since I was up a 6:00 am, I thought I'd pop that and a good old Lexapro before I fell asleep. Bad idea. The stuff kept waking me up to go to the bathroom every hour and a half -- not mention giving me dry mouth, making me a teeny nauseous, a terrible sleep with a headache to boot. That should all go away in a day or two. Man, why don't I learn my lessons about these things? I hate starting up again...

Actually, truth is I hate being on them, period. When I'd lost all that weight (14 years ago!) I had perfect blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Now, 120+ pounds later, my body is ALL FUCKED UP without the GETTING FUCKED GOOD PART. (Well, that's not exactly true, but that's also another story. ;) [And no, that's not Jack.]

But I've got to get serious about this HEALTH thing... I'm not liking it in this skin much anymore and these pills SUCK. Next week I have all kinds of labs and treadmill stress test to take for my physical (gotta take advantage of that insurance) and there's probably good news from the mammogram I took last week. Although I think she shoved those boobs all over the place because all the muscles around my chest are sore -- bitch!

Well, back to those few pages -- hey, and I have a clean kitchen sink! Life is grand.