Monday, October 18, 2004

OMG So happy to be home!

Back in LA, after another weekend of hand analysis and the enneagram, which by the way is really kicking my ass! At least I got another slab of meat -- ribs this time -- to ground me a little.

[I will have to say it was a traumatic time driving back from Newark -- it took me 12 1/2 hours -- yessirree, you read that right TWELVE AND HALF HOURS. I KNEW I should have left at 11 PM when I'm wide-awake -- last week when I left at 11:10 PM I got there by 4:45 AM -- 5 1/2 hours, sun and traffic free. (I finally figured out that I always want to sleep in the car when then sun's out!) This time, I couldn't even get out of Livermore (15 miles out) before taking a nap -- I had to stop every hour for a snooze, and one time for a big two hour NAP. YIKES! I'll drive at night from now on -- I didn't leave earlier because mom and dad don't like me leaving at night -- I just realized that's for their comfort and convenience not mine!!! What a pain in the ass this last time was!]

I have a staff meeting at 10 am tomorrow on the westside again... but when I get back I'll rest (do "Venus time" thank you very much) get back to this lovely blog.

Until then... I have to go deposit some $$ in the ATM so things don't go bouncy-bouncy in checking account -- thank goodness for all night banking!