Tuesday, October 26, 2004

These are few of my favorite... SMELLS :)

Got this idea from Stacey, Coffee-Smell Lover :) Started to write a novel on her comments, so I figured I'd post here too (Thanks Stacey!).

I like all the standard stuff... oh first of all, I have a kinda of deficient nose... teeny nostrils or something that clam up when it's cold and make me snore like a grizzly... but that being said:

The standard stuff: vanilla, smells connected to holidays and seasons: pine, pumpkin, cinnamon potpourri, lavender etc., roses, cut grass. Foodwise -- I love food smells when I'm hungry, otherwise it's kinda icky... but I do love garlic, BBQ meat, fresh bread, apples and anything Filipino. I love romantic smells -- all those aforementioned boy/man smells are great, never get tired of that.

But my favorite: A memory smell -- one of those that catch you off-guard that and immediately shoots you into another time of your life and you CAN'T not be there! There's one that hits me only once in awhile: The first time I was in love (at 16) in the Philippines... and it was a combination of freshly baked pan de sal (we stayed awake til the wee hours), burning wood (stoves? trees?) and rain. I'm sure there was a little "man" smell in there too, but I don't remember that very well. My eyes well up whenever I get that smell hits me... but it's a smell (and surprise) I always welcome.

How about you?


PS I forgot about the smell of jasmine and/or gardenia -- also first encountered in the Philippines with a flower called sampaguita. I have a night-blooming jasmine next to my front door here in LA and when that sucker blooms, I can't get enough of it... I inhale it like there's no tomorrow and it's like... well it's better than food and almost better than The Big O.