Friday, October 22, 2004

"Frenetic Escapism"

I HATE that this is the phrase that pegs a 7... because everywhere in my life I see that I do it... even writing here is doing it! SHIT!

Last night I finally got the old electric heater out and slept slept slept... and it was so warm and toasty I barely got up this afternoon... and I dreamt of Tony Bardwell (a guy in high school who was just there, meant nothing to me), which turned into a big dream about G3rry Alt@mero... the big daydream of my life. Yes, those are there real names because I can't find them on the internet and they'll never find me anyway). I say daydream because I think I've only ever spoken to him for an hour and a half all together... but I had a crush on him from 4th grade to 12th grade (with various other fellows in between).

It was the most incredible dream... I actually got proposed to and that's certainly not ever happened in my life OR my dreams.

Yes, I'm going to talk a long walk in the park after that one... G3rry Alt@mero and frenetic escapism...