Monday, June 20, 2005

Sleepy Kate, A Cajon and The Two-Step

And it was even the "Mate Selector" day in hand analysis today! TL was so hesistant to talk to us about it... she said it was THE BIGGEST SHOWSTOPPER THERE IS, even bigger than a broken major line (life, head, heart).

Because if we have, say a Jupiter Mate Selector (like I do) -- it's a completely disowned part of myself. That I admire so much the Jupiterian qualities (confidence, no doubt, leadership, authority, power, etc) IN SOMEONE ELSE, I don't even think it's POSSIBLE to have those qualities myself. So I end up wanting a mate who has it.

Well, our whole class had at least one; one woman had all four! It was intense...
but we all lived... and laughed.

Then off to the monthly dinner party at TL's house -- oh how fun! I got to play with beautiful Kate, and I knew that beautiful almost-two-year-old be able to sleep in my arms... wow, do I love that feeling. Got to talk on the couch with my fellow Enneagram #7s Gonz and Tracy and tried to figure out if Andrew was one as well. I didn't get to hear the outcome... but it was fun, whatever it was (of course it'd be FUN, it was a 7 couch!)

Catheryn made a great spaghetti meal, Viv hooked up with some ladies who will be taking her to some 'clubs' then Patric brought out his handmade cajon drum and started accompanying Eli on the guitar. How fun was that? And then Tracy and I started doing the BUMP... hahaha how long has it been since I've done THAT?! LOL

Eventually a bunch of ladies were dancing the cha-cha as I sang "La Bamba" with Gonz... even Maria, our new #4 friend who graciously was on our panel last night -- so glad she felt so comfortable with us so soon! And we also toasted the newly engaged Lynn and Stephen... two of the most deserving people around as they are really WORKING THEIR STUFF.

Then on with more dancing... and Patric and I ended up trying to dance the two-step to some Loretta Lynn that TL put on! Oh right before that I sang the only thing I knew in German: "Val-de-ri, Val-de-ra!" and can you believe it Patric knew it and sang with me in German!!! But he did say it was Fal-de-ri with an "f"... so I learned a new thing hehehhe

So after the two-step and foxtrot with Patric, Tracy and her sister Jamie sang "I Have A Dream" from Les Miz... OMG, what beautiful, BEAUTIFUL voices. I have to use them in my recital. THEY ARE TERRIFIC.

I coulda gone show tunes all night, but we were all faded. Can I just tell you -- my life feels SO RICH right now?! Fresh, full, deep. Just delicious!