Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Full moon and empty arms
The moon is there for us to share
But where are you?
A night like this could weave a memory
And every kiss could start a dream for two
Full moon and empty arms
Tonight I'll use the magic moon to wish upon
And next full moon if my one wish comes true
My empty arms will be filled with you

Music by Sergei Rachmaninoff (Piano Concerto No. 2)
Sung by Frank Sinatra


But of course, in my Googling frenzy I somehow found this video of The Rhythm Society Swing Orchestra in Detroit doing "Night and Day" -- Jeffrey, check it out! It reminds me of jazz band -- such great memories of music making... isn't it funny, when I think of the ideal combination of musicians -- jazz band is always the one I think of?

Maybe I need to remember that for my recital!

(Okay, not so blue now. :)