Friday, June 17, 2005

Renaissance music and Yoda

I'm a little too wired and wound up to listen to my usually Showtunes channel on AOL radio -- if I hear anymore EVITA, SUNSET BLVD or PHANTOM OF THE OPERA I think I'll croak and curse the name of composer who shall not be named forever (A.L.W... BLECH!) So Renaissance music it is tonight... feels very calming, very REAL to me right now. I need settling down.

My stomach is a bit nauseous right now... I'd just taken some Advil at the movie theater with Viv C. at The Grove. We went to see Stars Wars after a HUGE Brazilian BBQ dinner (meat galore woohoo!) -- after a long Enneagram class studying #4s and on barely any sleep... I warned her if I started snoring she better tap me -- which of course she did in the beginning because I really didn't get any of it.

I think all the effects kinda made me sick too... I only really got into when Hayden Christensen got bad and Jimmy Smits appeared -- JIMMY SMITS? LOL I was a bit in shock there... the best part was watching YODA. (Not listening to him, all that backwards talk made me nuts.) He just reminded me of My Beloved Yvette:


(Boy, I miss you, girl.)

Mr. Hayden and Mr. Ewan were cute enough to watch... but that movie make me ill.