Friday, June 10, 2005

No Munchkins for Madley

momNo munchkins, but no menopause either ;)

At my last astrology class we were getting blown away -- or rather, dreamily swayed -- by the Virgo-Pisces evening, and for me, especially the esoteric phrase for Virgo:

"I am the Mother and the Child. I God, I Matter am."

Which I then proceeded to wonder aloud if I was pregnant. (I swear I must be the most irregular gal on the planet.)


But today I wrote my classmates back: "No babies -- but no menopause either ;)" And for once in a long while, there was absolutely no angst, no drama there at all. Very nice, very lovely.

On top of that, I got a nice e-mail back to boot from our 12th house stellium Lady L:

"That's okay - you didn't need the pureed peas all over your carpet anyway :)

"That said, you'd be a great Mom! Maybe we could organize a timeshare where we could cooperatively parent a child (you take Monday night, I'll do Tuesday night, etc)."

That was so nice to be acknowledged like that -- and funny too -- thanks Lady L! I don't know why that woman-of-all-women rite of passage passed me up -- especially since even as I youngster I wanted to be a midwife (I loved to visit the nursery at my mom's work) and I was good with kids too. But I know it's for some good reason -- and I just don't have to be sad about it anymore.

BTW, that's a photo of my mom and her eldest (me).